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Sśaint Parfum

Ssaint Parfum - Velvet Bloom - Eau De Parfum

Ssaint Parfum - Velvet Bloom - Eau De Parfum

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Dappled sunlight on skin, the soft caress of a balmy breeze and supple ground on foot. Nostalgia of bird sound and slow afternoons spent by gentle shores; utterly carefree. A succulent peach scent, notes of iris reminiscent of suede and the wistful warmth of old cedarwood muster sweet feelings of fondness. The subtle bite of saffron juxtaposes a fresh hint of musk, reminiscent of blissful pockets of time gone by.

Unisex fragrance with the below notes:
Peach, Green Notes and Blackcurrant, Turkish Rose, May Rose and Iris, Italian Iris, Virginia Cedar, Pepper, Orris & White Musk

Rose Oil Botanical
Geranium Oil Naturally derived.
Orris Extract Botanical
Lemon Oil Naturally derived.
Sandalwood Oil, Australian Botanical
Cedarwood Oil Virginia Botanical
Pink Peppercorn Botanical

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