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Kiss the sky

GYPSY Kiss The Sky Candle

GYPSY Kiss The Sky Candle

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Fragrance Blend: Rose, Neroli, Fir Tree, Coconut Husk, Mountain Lily, Rosewood + Musk.

A full-bodied bohemian scent, with enticing earthy notes, this candle blend is sweet and warm, just like an opulent Indian incense.

Gypsy has been thoughtfully created using the best quality essential and fine perfume fragrance oils blended with smooth, creamy coconut soy wax.

Gypsy is an earthy and nomadic blend for all the free-spirited,

wanderlust souls. Let this gorgeous

bohemian candle blend take you anywhere you want to go, anytime!

We have captured the scent of Gypsy in this luxe candle blend.

500g | 100hr burn

Extra Large Size Candle

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