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Tub Of Scrub | Elderberry, Juniper, Lemon + Lavender

Tub Of Scrub | Elderberry, Juniper, Lemon + Lavender

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Our Bare Body Scrubs can be used in the shower or the bath. After you have lightly washed and while you are still wet, grab two handfuls of body scrub. Lightly wet the scrub and rub all over the body. The granules exfoliate while the oils nourish your skin. Rinse off and dry as usual. No need to use moisturiser as your skin will be soft, moist and amazing. Not to mention smell delicious. Patch test first, for external use only.   

Use in the shower or bath as many times a week as you like. Be warned they can become addictive. Rub your chosen scrub all over in a circular motion. Make sure you’re already wet. Leave on for a while then rinse before you hop out. It is amazing on your skin and can help with stretch marks and scarring as well as exfoliating your body. The oils nourish and refresh and the natural acids eliminate toxins and blemishes. No need to moisturize after our body scrubs as they do it for you! Deep long lasting moisture. 

Directions: For hygiene and safety, we recommend you use a spoon to scoop out your scrub onto your hand. This will keep water out of your tub of scrub to keep it fresh, and to avoid the sharp edge the foil seal can create.  

Ingredients: Raw and white sugars, sea salt, Grape seed oil, organic coconut oil, rice bran oil, vegetable glycerine  All flavours vary with added ingredients to match the flavour.

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