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The Path to Beauty Magnesium Oil Spray

The Path to Beauty Magnesium Oil Spray

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Our Magnesium Oil Spray blends the highest quality magnesium chloride with lavender essential oil to produce a powerful topical magnesium spray. Get the benefits of both ingredients in one convenient spray. Magnesium helps support muscle, sleep, and skin health. Lavender oil helps promote relaxation and soothe your senses. 


Start by applying sparingly to affected areas and rub in gradually building up to a more liberal application over time. Spray on the soles of your feet for a restful nights sleep. 

Due to the purity and strength of this product, if you have sensitive skin or are magnesium deficient or experience tingling, apply over wet skin initially.

The magnesium will absorb directly into your skin. Rinse or wipe off any residue after 20 minutes if desired. If pain persists, contact your health professional.

Conduct a patch test prior to use. If any reaction occurs, discontinue use.
Discontinue use if you experience a stinging sensation or signs of skin irritation.
Do not apply to sensitive areas such as the face and mucous membranes (e.g eyes and nose).
Do not apply to damaged, cracked or broken skin.
Keep out of reach of children.

Please note, there is no carrier oil in this product. The label "Magnesium Oil" is commonly used to describe the texture that our Magnesium Spray leaves on the skin upon application.

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