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Sśaint Parfum

Ssaint Parfum - Smokeshow - Eau De Parfum

Ssaint Parfum - Smokeshow - Eau De Parfum

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During dusk’s golden hour, rays of sunlight reach down from the vast sky and fill your world with possibility. Explore the border between day and night, past and future, thresholds and transformation. 

Let warming notes of orange flower petals, cloves, chestnut and vanilla open a doorway to your true self.

Unisex fragrance with the below notes:
Pink Pepper, Orange Citrus, Clove Spice, Chestnut, Juniper Berry, Cade, Cedarwood, Cashmeran, Balsam of Peru, Vanilla

Pink Pepper Oil Botanical
Cedarwood Oil Botanical
Clove Bud Oil Botanical
Patchouli Oil Botanical
Benzyl Benzoate Skin safe synthetic
Citronellol Skin safe synthetic
Eugenol Constituent of Clove Bud Oil
Limonene Constituent of Pink Pepper Oil
Linalool Skin safe synthetic

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