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Sśaint Parfum

Ssaint Parfum - Cosmic Bang - Eau De Parfum

Ssaint Parfum - Cosmic Bang - Eau De Parfum

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Like the arresting nostalgia of an ocean tide at midnight, it is lightning’s crack wrapped soulfully in silk, a complex fusion of mystery and equilibrium.

The androgynous scents of black tea, bay leaf, hay, bergamot and tobacco transport oneself to an ancient earth accentuated by the delicacies of musk, fig and cedar.

Unisex fragrance with the below notes:
Fig, Bergamot, Bay Leaf, Musk, Vetiver, Cedar, Hay, Tobacco

Bay Oil Botanical
Bergamot Oil Botanical
Cedarwood Oil Botanical
Olibanum Resinoid Botanical
Patchouli Oil Botanical
Vetiver Oil Botanical
Benzyl Benzoate
Constituent of Olibanum Resinoid
Citral Constituent of Bergamot Oil
Citronellol Skin safe synthetic
Eugenol Constituent of Bay Oil
Geraniol  Constituent of Bergamot Oil
Limonene Constituent of Bay Oil, Bergamot Oil & Olibanum Resinoid
Constituent of Bay Oil & Bergamot Oil

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