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Bare Body Beauty Co.

Bare Buff Castile + Walnut Shell Cream Cleanser

Bare Buff Castile + Walnut Shell Cream Cleanser

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100% Natural, this creamy cleanser will nourish and cleanse the skin. The use of fine walnut shells provide a gentle exfoliation suitable for daily use. We have used Castile liquid and a combination of oils to ensure your skin is left hydrated and clean. We DO NOT use preservatives, thickeners or fillers, the consistency of this cleanser can be runnier to what you may be used to but do not be afraid, this is what 100% natural is all about! Walnut shells provides a light exfoliation. Organic Castile liquid soap - gently cleanses without toxins, has antibacterial properties, produces a natural lather, balances the pH level in skin and is naturally hydrating, Sweet almond oil naturally rich in vitamin E. Apricot kernel oil non greasy, enriching emollient. Soothes and prevents acne, inflammation and dryness.

Directions: Place a small amount in the palm of your hand, add some water and massage into your face. Its in a pump pack to make it easy to uses. Its also runnier than what you are used to, as we use no preservatives, thickeners or fillers.

Ingredients: Fine organic walnut shell, Organic Castile liquid soap, Organic apricot kernel oil, Organic sunflower oil, Organic sweet almond oil, Organic macadamia oil, Organic vegetable glycerine, Purified water, Cetearyl alcohol, Natural Vitamin E, Steric acid, Carbomer, Sodium hydroxide.

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